Tuesday, May 31, 2011

banks and white

So as I've mentioned, my mom made Annabelle a new blanket for Christmas. It's just like the beloved "banks" she's been toting around since birth, but white. And not nasty. The thought was that maybe we could trade it out? Not happening. She now regularly totes both around. Of course, I don't allow her to tote them out of the house, but when she's just chilling, you better believe she's got both "banks" and "white." This is how I found her when I got out of the shower, just happy to be with her favorite friends.

When she goes to bed, she need banks under her head and white "on my legs." And she's so in love with them. Like you've seen kids with their blankets, but Annabelle takes loving a comfort object to a whole new level. She seriously routinely rolls around on the floor in pure joy with her blankets around her. She'll take them and smash them into her face until they leave a mark. She pets them routinely, while muttering, "Nice...soft." (It's not normal.)
Today I was busy cutting cantaloupe (what's new?) and had my back to her, although I knew where she was and could hear her. When it got quiet, I turned around to see my sweet girl snuggled up with her blankets on the deck, just enjoying the breeze blowing through the trees. She was out there for quite a while, quite content to be self-swaddled in her favorite blankets.

Pretty sure my mom will be crocheting blankets for this little munchkin for all eternity. Because she seriously adores them and has a knack for totally destroying their original integrity. But it makes me happy that she loves something from my mom's fingers so much. When I was home I accidentally saw a new blanket in the works and got in a little trouble. Let's just say it was the cutest color ever, would work for a boy or a girl, and made me realize that soon - like eight weeks! - I'll have another baby in one of those beauts. And goodness, I'm getting excited.

P.S. Yes, we wash banks every dang week. It doesn't help. The thing has been to war and back. There's no going back to white folks.

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lichelle said...

I really thought I'd hidden that thing. Just forget about it, would ya?!


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