Friday, May 20, 2011

big as a melon

Totally obsessed with cantaloupe. I could eat a whole melon in one sitting. I'm really not kidding. I usually stop myself somewhere around the half mark because eating the whole thing would be, you know, crazy. But then I get a ginormous bowl of purple grapes, the crisp and perfectly sweet kind, the kind that snap in your mouth. It's just as bad. Consume consume. And guess what happens then?

I AM UP ALL NIGHT. Fruit is mostly water. I am mostly missing a bladder.

I'll let you do the math.

And then at 5 a.m. Belle wakes up yelling, "Mommy, hold you, Honey! Mommy, hold you, Honey!" Which would be obnoxious if it weren't cute. And since I'm up anyway (using the restroom), I go in and "hold you." She then tries to burrow into my being as though I'm a bed, which would sort of work except I have a rather round - sometimes moving - melon sized (Coincidence? I think not...) protrusion extending from my mid region. So I ask her if perhaps she'd like to go back to bed, where I'd be happy to sing her some songs. She obliges. I sing a few songs, she falls asleep. By the way, my 5 a.m. singing voice is the stuff of legends.

And then I head back to the bathroom.

Thing is, I'm pretty sure I'll be buying another cantaloupe today. Because the one I bought yesterday is sure to be consumed in the next few hours. Plus, Target's grapes are on sale. And they taste like summer on my tongue, which is nice because summer on my tongue is much better than winter outside my window. SERIOUSLY?

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