Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So I realize that these lifestyle blogs are all the rage these days, the ones where girls wear super cute clothes and take pictures of themselves and pretend that it's totally easy to just look awesome the minute you wake up, never mind the sippies and dirty diapers and moaning babies. Looking hot is easy!

We thought we'd join them. Easy peasy. Don't forget to wear your underwear backwards. Outside of your clothes. 

Anyone interested in being our sponsor (i.e., sending us free clothes to model then shamelessly promote)? Because really. This is where it's at.

Don't forget to spill some black beans on your shirt for good measure. Perf.


Jeanette said...

LOOOOOVE it!! :) She is so ready for the glossy pages of .... "Parenting"??? Maybe, "Hots Tots"? :) Fabulous!

jaesi said...

oh ya...youve got it doooooown. :)

p.s. I read every one of your posts...and laugh. Im just too lazy to comment. Ill be better.

Whit C said...

ill send you free clothes for the cutie to model!!! :)


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