Wednesday, May 11, 2011

incentive plan

So I don't intend to document our potty training process, the messes, the clean ups, the dirty (literally) details. I find the details of it mainly involve bodily functions. And I just don't see the value of discussing bodily functions in depth here, beyond potentially embarrassing my girl someday in the future, which I never want to do. However, this is pretty much my favorite story of the week. And if she stays true to her character, she'll laugh at herself someday on this one too.

So as I've mentioned, Belle's not particularly interested in potty training yet. (Which we're fine with; although she's in size six Huggies with no room to grow.) We do however discuss it often and she knows exactly what we're talking about and how the whole process works. I'm a big fan of reading your child's cues when possible instead of forcing milestones or development unnecessarily. And so I'm quite content to start the process when she's ready. Of course, if she's like 43 years old and still wearing a diaper, I might say something. Like, "Perhaps you should move out, Dear."

That said, yesterday she kept wanting to sit on her potty (clothed) and use some toilet paper. I kept telling her that if she wanted to use toilet paper, she had to actually use the potty. She had me take off her diaper a few times with no success. Then finally at the end of the day, she managed a few drips. You should have seen that proud smile.

I celebrated and cheered through deep belly laughs. She forced herself to use the bathroom just TO GET SOME TOILET PAPER? As I high fived her and generally acted like a silly happy mom, she goes, "Toy-et paper?" Like, "Hey, I did what you asked. Hand it over."

Who needs sticker charts and incentive plans or treats and toys when you have toilet paper.

Seriously, I think she gets more awesome every day.

Note: No pictures of her sitting on the pot. You're welcome teenage Annabelle. 


Diana said...

That's awesome! How wonderful that she'll get toilet paper each time she uses the potty. I suppose that I expect that same reward with all of my trips too. :) Hopefully her addiction to tp will mean you'll avoid thoroughly streaky underwear down the road!

Sabrena Suite-Mangum said...

And this is why we 'get' each other. Love this story. No stickers at our house either, although we did have some diaper free time today and Holden pee'd all over the floor... and when I asked him where his pee goes, he pointed to the floor...

Um, yeah. He's a literal genius.


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