Sunday, May 15, 2011

a visit

My mom came and visited us this weekend. Here's the thing about my mom: she never comes just to visit. She comes to visit, entertain (and spoil) my child, clean my house, and help me with whatever dilemma I might be facing at the moment. This time she came to save my carpets. You think I jest, but really - it was getting bad. I'm not allowed to vacuum (to spare my back), and things were looking pretty shabby around here. 

But beyond vacuuming she also: accompanied me to Ikea where we both stood around and gawked for the most part (I think I could live there and be very happy); helped me unassemble boxes and took them all to our dumpster in multiple trips (that's seriously like a three day journey to get to); helped me re-organize our third bedroom (our storage room) that was beginning to look a little like a tornado had taken permanent residence therein as I can't really lift or move boxes; assisted me in my spontaneous desire to create a gallery wall of photos (frames found during re-organization of the third bedroom); further assisted my spontaneity when I decided we needed our hall table put together, along with my goofy single girl chair that doesn't really belong in any normal living space (so it's in Belle's room). And on top of that, she brought Belle her new favorite dolly (it's the tiny mini version of her big headed doll, and it's ridiculously cute), bathed and dressed my girl every day, played silly games with her, started teaching her the little letters, let Annabelle wear her makeup (see above photos) and steal her sunglasses, read six billion books (mostly the same ones over and over), got her to use the potty (!!), and simply loved on my Belle who adores her grandma so much.

I can't believe we used to live across the country from each other. I seriously don't know how we survived. I sometimes feel bad that only four of the world's children have her as their mom, because she's seriously the best.

P.S. Yes, this is who Belle gets her curly hair from. :)

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lichelle said...

Wow! That makeup face is worse than I remember it. You sure you didn't photoshop a little extra mascara onto her face? lol Aw Belle, playing with Grandma's makeup when she's half awake. Tricky little girl.

I don't know how we survived the distance either. And I selfishly wish we lived even closer.

Missing that sweet Belle (and you) all ready.


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