Wednesday, May 18, 2011

total turn off

I forgot to mention this story, and it's slowly climbing the charts around here. So I thought I better jot it down. Because I'm starting to notice that I can't keep up with Annabelle and her hilarious one liners. And this one is definitely noteworthy.

So at night, part of our bedtime routine includes a song from mommy. (It comes just before the "I love yous" and the shut eyes.) The last night my mom was here, Annabelle had a special request: "Grandma sing song?" Allow my mom (from her blog) to recount the rest of the story:

I was honored to be chosen as a guest soloist in her bedtime ritual. She lay down in her bed with her blanky, white, sheepie, and bear and looked up at me as I sang.

About two-thirds through my solo, she said, "Turn off." 

I paused. "Turn off what, Sweetie?"

"Turn off song. Mommy sing song."

Still makes me belly laugh. Hold on. Yep, still laughing.

I can't emphasize how much I love having a toddler around. I realize that they become a little more difficult as they begin to have an opinion; I further realize that I have a pretty darn easy toddler. But my point is I just love my almost-two-year-old, and it makes me so happy that even though she's getting so big, I still get as much a kick out of her as I did when she was brand spankin' new.

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