Wednesday, June 29, 2011

i love you!

One of the first phrases Annabelle ever learned was "I lub ewe." One day I asked, "Guess what?" as I often do. And she surprised me by taking the words out of my mouth and saying, "I lub EWE!" I didn't know I said that combination of phrases so often, but apparently I did. This was months ago, but I'm still so happy that one of her favorite things to say is "I love you." She now adds embellishments like, "I love you SO MUCH!" or "I love you MOST!" I think my favorite moments in the day are when she simply says, "Mommy? I love you." There's nothing that melts my heart more.
The last time Aunt Don Don (Danielle) was here, Annabelle saw the sign for "I love you" on her keychain. (Don Don is fluent in American Sign Language.) So Don Don attempted to teach her the sign. Of course, a toddler's fingers have a hard time obeying when some are supposed to stay up and some down, but she tried and tried. And after Don Don left, she kept trying. And just this week, she finally got it. She'll use all her energy to focus, get the fingers to do what they're supposed to, then shout, "I love you! The sign for I love you!"
I love that she knows how to say that all too important phrase in so many ways. Because really, it's a phrase that never ever gets old, no matter how she says it.


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