Tuesday, June 28, 2011

thoughts at thirty-six

1. I woke up at 4 a.m. (to tend to a sad girl and hey, while I'm up, take a pee). After she quieted down, I tried to go back to sleep but just couldn't until I had a handful of grapes. I sat in the dark devouring grapes. Apparently grapes are the new cantaloupe.
2. My little sister is expecting a baby girl in November. For months, we thought she'd have a boy and I'd have a girl. Perhaps we got it backwards?
3. I've had to tame down my already wimpy workout to save the groin/back/pelvis region. You can't imagine how ridiculous I feel dumbing down an already dumb workout. At least my arms still work.
4. Pushing a shopping cart or slinging a diaper bag is a physical form of torture. Seriously - I don't know what it is about those two activities but man the groin lets me know how awesome it is.
5. I'm so sick of whole grain toast with peanut butter.
6. I want to sleep on my stomach. I don't even like sleeping on my stomach, but I really want to now.
7. My Boo turns two on Saturday. What the heck? And tomorrow she'll move out and go to college. This blows.
8. I'm also sick of water. I didn't like it in the first place. I've been drinking a surplus of fizzy sans sugar drinks. I'm sure my doctor would have something to say about this. I'm sure I don't care at this point.
9. I have a perma pregnant waddle. And I like it. It feels better to walk like that. Seriously. The next time you have a fifteen pound balloon just chilling in your belly, try waddling. Makes the weight distribution so much easier.
10. Remember that I mentioned my eyelashes were growing back, right? And thank goodness because the success of every day is measured on how I feel about my eyelashes. (Things were looking pretty rough for a while there.) Well the new lashes are nuts. They cannot be tamed. They're like a wild bush on the end of my eyelid. Seriously cuh-ray-zee. Pluck those things out and turn a camera on 'em, and you'd have a decent reality show.
11. So I recently switched from Ajax to Comet for my cleaning needs. (Probably because it saved me two cents.) And I know this is a pregnant thing, but I seriously SERIOUSLY love this Comet potion. It's a good thing I'm hanging on to a shred of sanity, otherwise I'd be eating this stuff. Ahhhh, the smell. Cleaning toilets has never been more enjoyable.
12. I took my blood pressure last night to see if it would be assisting me in my early delivery again. No dice. Blood pressure is as low as ever. Dang thyroid meds doing their job. I suppose we'll just have to wait it out. Less than a month folks. LESS THAN A MONTH.
P.S. Taking pictures in a dimly lit bathroom of yourself (and your dirty mirror - whoa) is much harder than I thought it would be. Thus the black and white, to hide the over processing I had to do. Also, that t-shirt reads: "Go ahead. Poke me," with a picture of the Pilsbury dough boy. I feel like I need to preserve that little gem, thus the mention.


Kristen said...

You can still put eye-liner on right?! You look like you put a beach ball under your shirt. Which is a good thing because it means the rest of you hasn't swollen up!

Also for a brief second when I saw your post I thought "if she's 36 how old does that make me?!?!" lol.

lichelle said...

My goodness, you're beautiful!

danielle said...

you seriously look so good. :)

Lindsay RC Wilson said...

I hear you on the groin situation, and I am glad that someone else has it. I am not glad you have to deal with it, but I am glad to have someone to vouch for me not being a wimp & making it up. I stop being able to sleep even on my side at 20 weeks (14 w/ my first) so I sleep in a recliner.
Really you look fantastic. By 36 weeks my face was puffy along with the rest of my body...hence the lack of blog pictures. Oh, wait, I haven't posted on my blog since about 22 weeks and my kid is now 2 months!
I don't think I have a current email for you, or I can't find it amidst my switching computers, etc. Could you send one to me? My gmail is lindsayrcwilson . While you are at it, send me your snail mail address as well.

All the best. Hope the next few weeks go quickly.


singingrae said...

You look beautiful. Seriously. It looks like you with a cute belly...but that's it. And Belle is adorable. Miss you guys. Good luck with #2!

eclaires said...

Someone is missing their basketball. Seriously, you look great! And so does the baby. :) Can't wait to see him... or her.

The Isoms said...

So glad you posted some pics! You look great!!
I had the groin pain with both my boys, it is AWFUL!! I feel your pain.
Can't wait to see what's cookin inside.


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