Sunday, July 10, 2011


Yesterday, Belle was trying to talk to me and I was busy making her lunch.
She said, "Are you gi-noring me?!" I busted up laughing.


Then as she laid on the couch and looked down at the floor, she proclaimed,
"Look at that cwap on the floor!" Awesome. Listen - I'm not allowed to vacuum!


After I left her for her nap, I heard her saying, "Open my eyes? Close my eyes. Open my eyes?
Close my eyes," and "Happy birfday to me!" and
"Mom? Mom? Come 'ere Mommy. Come to the door."


When we got in the car to go to the store, she requested, "Go to Sam's Club?"
What the? We really don't go there very often.


Later that evening, Belle came cruising into the room on her little scoot bike and said,
"Let me look at the budget!" For real? Pretty sure that's proof that our budget
is a topic of conversation way too often.


And then that night while I gave her a bath, she wanted her Daddy to come in.
"Daddy?! Come in here! Daddy...Daddy? Daddy. Have a question!"


So just because we're having a new baby, she has to start talking like an adult?
I can't believe how fast her words are turning into conversations.
But I have to admit that it's usually a total crack up.

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danielle said...

I am cracking up :) I love Bella :)


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