Wednesday, July 27, 2011

fake 'n' bake

So I make babies with blood that fights with my blood. And they end up on the dang bilibed lights. To say I dislike these bilibeds would be a mild description. They make my babies {and me} cry. That said, they do the trick and they keep my babies healthy. Lydia's bilirubin levels were better than Belle's, but she still had to spend some time (about twenty four hours) in the tanning bed (and she has seven prick marks on her poor little heels to prove it). And although I expected the lights for her, it didn't make it any easeir to slide her squishy loveable body into that glowing envelope. My babies - thankfully - love to be squeezed and loved and snuggled. And a plexi glass bilibed doesn't exactly reciprocate.

Don't worry - Annabelle and I hung up some rainbow streamers left over from her birthday in Lou's view so she wouldn't have to stare at a plain white wall when she was awake (she spends a decent amount of daytime with her ridiculously already accurate eyes open). And my mom and I spent hours up with her at night trying to help her feel better. Bleck.
So glad it's over and we can love on our little Lou again.


The Harrises said...

Will you look at her? Well, you do everyday, but she is such a pretty one to look at! My goodness!

jaesi said...

aw man I hate that jaundice junk...
hoping it goes away soon for you!

those blankets she is on look so soft!


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