Thursday, July 28, 2011

one week

I can't decide which is the bigger accomplishment: pushing an almost nine pound baby out of my body or taking two babies to the grocery store and getting everything up three flights of stairs successfully without any tears, pukes, or blowouts. Seriously. I'm pretty sure I need a cape. Granted, this feat was mostly possible because I have a super chill newborn, but still. I think a cape is in order.
We've had our little Lou for a week {yesterday}. I feel like time is passing much too quickly; every day she looks a little different. It's the worst part of having a baby. All that time that previously passed so slowly during pregnancy suddenly hits warp drive and it just flies. I wish I could freeze some of the moments: her little gassy smiles that are becoming more and more common, her intense eyes that stare-stare-stare, her always flexed feet and toes and skinny straight legs. Thankfully, we take too many photos for our own good. And here's a selection from her first week. Perhaps if I post enough, I can freeze some time.


Rachel said...

Oh, she is so so precious. And, i am super impressed with your grocery feat. When we moved here I proclaimed that I never again would climb flights of stairs with groceries.

lichelle said...

Oh lady, I wish you would freeze time. I miss that pretty baby and her cute sister. Oh and you, yes, I miss you too. :)

Kirsti said...

Wow! She's already rocking that "I love you" hand sign, isn't she? It must be a sign that she already knows how much she's loved.


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