Thursday, August 4, 2011

about that chocolate

Yeah, it's as bad as I thought it would be. I can't stop eating chocolate and treats. And the best part is, I feel like crap. I will straight up admit that eating sugar makes me feel like crud. It makes my system feel sluggish and slow. My teeth feel like they're rotting out of my mouth. The first sugar I ate - you know, that cupcake I ate like two minutes after giving birth - made me feel downright ill. Like stomachache sick. Like WWIII erupted in my stomach. Yes, I felt awful. But don't you worry, I just kept right on eating sugar so as to readjust to eating junky food.

It's a little ridiculous. But here's what I think the real secret is. And it's not really a secret. It's common sense. Moderation in all things. If I could just eat one cookie or a few pieces of chocolate a day, I'd be fine. But no. I have to eat everything in sight. Hand me a shovel because I've got to get it all in. And this isn't just because I abstained for over six months (six months!). It's what I did before this whole pregnancy debacle. I love me some sugar. Period.

What I've learned:

1. White flour and sugar make you feel gross. They suck your body of energy. Seriously. If you can exhibit the willpower, abstaining altogether will make you feel better and function on a healthier level. And if you eat either regularly, cutting them out of your diet will most likely lead to weight loss. If I can lose weight while pregnant (and not really working out), I'm pretty sure a normal person will shed pounds if they do the same.
2. If you can't abstain, moderation really should do the trick, especially when combined with an exercise program. (Is two weeks long enough? I'm totally ready to hop on the spin bike. But then I think about the bike seat....ouch.)
3. Indulgences are a vital part of life. I'm actually very grateful I can bake again. Going without that privilege for so long made me realize how important it really is in my life. Because some of my favorite childhood memories include cookie dough and cake batter. I'm so happy I can share the same memories with my girls, even if I have to dig deep and find the willpower to abstain once in a while.

But for now, I'm totally disregarding everything I've learned and consuming calories as fast as possible. 


Nicole said...

Two words - TIBS and SBIT.

Dying to see your little one.

Riss said...

Are you sure Lou was ever this small? Cuz Liser wasn't. (I just clicked on this post when it said "You might also like...")


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