Friday, August 5, 2011

who's who

So I'm constantly saying that I can't believe how much Lou looks like Annabelle when she was born. Honestly, sometimes I feel like I'm looking at the same baby. They really look like twins, just separated by two years (and two weeks). That said, while they may be twins in appearance, they are most definitely different in personality. I think it's fascinating to watch a miniature personality emerge, to watch Lou's little smirks and smiles, to try and read her expressions and her deep, dark, eyes that seem to stare right through me. And while my girls are similar in many ways - say, in their ability to eat, eat, eat - they are already very unique and different and each their own.

But in appearance...I'll let you try and decipher who is who. 

*The first picture in each set is Belle, the second Lydia.
And Lydia is way more orange, a by-product of breast feeding.
Yes, my boobs decided that hey! they'd work this time!
And apparently breast milk keeps the jaundice around longer than formula does. 


Riss said...

I love these!! And you're very clever to have them in the same outfit on a few.

jaesi said...

i love comparison pics. I was always too lazy to do those.
They look SO much alike. Lucky Lydia, because Belle is a breath taker :)

littlered said...

They really look so much alike! On some of them I could only tell because of Belle's white blanket and Lydia's blue :)


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