Saturday, August 6, 2011

story time

I am a huge fan of the public library system. And not only because it provides shelter for transients during inclement weather. (What? They do congregate there.)

I learned to read before I could properly socialize (before I went to school, although I really don't think I know how to properly socialize still), and books have always been a huge part of my life. Cue my post high school education and subsequent "career" (I think my current career suits me much better). While I understand the value of our new and tricky high tech gadgets that store hundreds of books on a thin slab of technology, I will always always prefer books. The kind you can hold. Covers. Pages full of words. I love the smell of them, the shuffling of pages. I love what they represent. All those words collected together to represent something.

And so libraries are something special to me. Thankfully, Annabelle loves the library too. We can't go to singing/reading time without stopping by her section to grab a few more books.The only complaint I have? I keep finding books we need. I have a growing list of books I need to buy because we love them so much. Here are a few we're loving right now:

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