Monday, August 29, 2011


Dear Hair Blogs:

Thank you for making filthy hair hip.

Totally Haven't Washed My Hair For A Week

P.S. But you wouldn't know.


Dear Big Dangly Earrings:

Thank you for distracting people from my greasy hair that hasn't been washed for a week.

At Least My Ears Are Hot


Dear Potty Training:

Isn't there a pill she could take for this?

This Is Totally Disgusting


Dear Nutella:

You were an indulgence when I was pregnant. Now you're just an illness.

I'd Probably Eat Cardboard If It Had A Healthy Layer Of Nutella Spread On It


Dear World:

I'd recommend just not talking to me before I take a swig of my morning Diet DP.

I'll Probably Bite Your Head Off

P.S. At least I'm honest.

1 comment:

The Harrises said...

At least you're honest! I want to do my hair like that girl in the picture.


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