Wednesday, August 31, 2011

it's been said

I've been saving up all the funny things Belle has said lately.
Seriously, this girl cracks us up all day long.
Here are some of our favorites:

That's like mine's!
Get down Lydia! {when I was holding Lydia}
Unbuckle it up Mommy.
Your hair smells like Shauntel's. {after smelling my wet, clean hair}
You smell like...paper. {after smelling my breath}
This is me. I'm a big sister!
I put the tiny-stinky-diaper in Grandma's pocket.
{translation: I put the tiny-stinky-diaper in the diaper pail that Grandma brought. Pocket = bucket.}
I'm such a good mommy! {while bouncing and patting her doll}
I'm going to my far away house! Bye!
{because Grandma Christensen and her aunties go to their far away house when they leave}
There's a hole in Daddy's car! {after he waves goodbye out the sunroof}
Daddy! Put your hand in your hole and say goodbye! {the sunroof}
Mom...where's your spicy, black water? {An indirect observation on my Diet DP consumption.)
{after I ask her how old she is} I'm a square!
Don't cry crowny face! {to Lydia}
I'm eating by myself. I'm doing such a good job.
I want Nutella on a spoon, by the way.
I'm just pushing my babies in the stroller and hanging out.
{while driving to meet Jess and his friend, Ashton, for lunch}
Jesus loves me and Ashton loves me and Daddy loves me...


eclaires said...

Okay, seriously funny. :)

Rachel said...

Hahaha, I love the spicy black water! My sister used to say that Sprite was spicy

danielle said...

cracking up! I love her!
I also love the picture where you're focused on the pencil box. :)
oh, and I love you.

littlered said...

NUTELLA ON A SPOON!!!?? bahahahahahahahahaha I love this girl so much :) :) :) I think we have a problem if Belle knows what Nutella is and asks for it on a spoon... ;)


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