Tuesday, August 16, 2011


11:00 p.m. Dropped into bed. I have vague memories of Jess telling me some insights from the investing book he was reading.
1:45 a.m. Got a wake up call from Little Lou. I snagged her out of bed and fed her. Bless her for eating quick and staying asleep.
3:00 a.m. Jumped out of bed when I heard a cough-barf from Little Lou. I ran into her room and helped her get it all out. Then stayed up rocking her on my chest (because it's where she instantly settles, almost always) while her nose cleared. Poor thing. (She rarely even burps, so this was weird.)
4:00 a.m. Annabelle screamed for "more nilk." I waited a few minutes to see if she'd let the idea go and go back to sleep. But when I remembered how little she ate that day, I trotted in with some milk for her. She drank it and went back to sleep.
6:00 a.m. Little Lou was ready to eat again. I changed her wet dipe and fed her.
7:30 a.m. Annabelle decided getting up an hour early sounded like a good idea. I let her whine for a while hoping she'd go back to sleep, but no dice. I got up a little grouchy, a lot tired.
8:00 a.m. While Lou Lou slept and Belle drank her morning milk, I downed a Diet Dr Pepper while reading this post. Which reminded me how lucky I am. And that indeed, I do mean something to these little people. And that even when it's practically every hour on the hour all night, I am often their world. And I resolved to treasure that knowledge. Because someday the world will mean more to them than it does now. Someday they'll grow up. But for now, they are my babies. And I love every little ounce of them.

*All photos by Aunt Don Don. Done totally impromptu, mind you. Cute beanies by Aunt Marissa. And pink blanket by Grandma.


lichelle said...

Beautiful children.

Beautiful pictures.

Amazing photographer.

Becky said...

Riss! Those beanies are so freaking cool!!!


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