Thursday, September 22, 2011

fall and a moose

It's heeerrre! We went searching for fall and found it. The leaves are switching. Glory, glory.
We went up to one of our favorite spots, Silver Lake, and as we rounded the first bend, bumped into this fellow:
Almost literally. There were groups of people standing around daring one another to run and catch him. Moosey ride anyone?
We just watched. And took pictures. And followed him around per the toddler's request. This was like the zoo. But real life. And she was into it.
And see that old man taking pics off to the left? He was a total crack up. He did indeed venture off into the marsh to see if he could cetch 'im a moose. He seriously ran around chasing a moose. Who does that? I think we mostly found it amusing because we knew that at least we wouldn't be the ones being trampled by a moose that day.
Oh, and please excuse the young one's apparel. She dressed herself. Just call her Little Orphan Annie-Belle. (I often do.) She's got the hair for the part in any case.

Oh, and the excuse for my look? That's called the I-don't-shower-on-Mondays look. You likey?
Welcome Fall!

1 comment:

lichelle said...

Moose shots are amazing!!

And Belle is wearing the sweater I made her! Makes me so happy.


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