Thursday, October 6, 2011

the first snow?!

So just a few hours ago, I looked out the window and saw...SNOW. And because I'm a huge fan of snow, I announced it to Annabelle and Lydia. Annabelle, a girl of my heart, responded frantically while jumping up, "Let'sgooutside...and Iwearmycoat...and Iplayin thesnow!! Snow! The groundisgonna bewhite!" And she ran away to find her pants (because she's usually pantless at home, what?) and yelled at me to get her coat. Seriously. She did this.
And so I bundled up the babies and took them out for the first snow. As I've mentioned, pregnancy causes a bi-polar switch in me and I don't like the snow. At. All. But the good news is I'M NOT PREGNANT. And snow is beautiful and lovely again.
Belle went and stomped through the white, while her little sister sat by - quite unimpressed, might I add. Perhaps she'll share her father's love of snow. Which is nonexistent. Shame.
I realize that my fall foliage has probably been destroyed, but I have memory cards full of fall foliage to sort through still. And for now, we'll enjoy the snow.

1 comment:

eclaires said...

I have never met Belle, but I can literally envision her excitement over the snow this morning. I LOVE her! And I love you.


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