Wednesday, October 5, 2011

let's get together (yeah, yeah, yeah)

So we've never had a family photo taken. Ever.

You can blame me for this for the most part. I had no desire to document the chub that happened after Annabelle. In hindsight, of course, I regret it somewhat as we really don't have a family photo with our one baby family. But let's be honest - I wouldn't hang my chub on a wall anyhow. This year, with the amazing foliage changing color (a post is forthcoming - Jess has been busy), my father-in-law called for family photos. Jess scouted out a place up Big Cottonwood Canyon, everyone brought their cameras, and we took some pictures. They turned out great, especially with four babies to wrangle:

{Jess and his siblings don't look related. Good luck guessing.}

And then I had Jess put on a matching shirt and we took some timed photos with the tripod. So I suppose we still haven't had official pictures taken - you know, ones with a photographer and such - but these do the trick. The price was right and honestly, I really love them. 

{Photo without both sun glare and a smile from Belle.}

{Photo with sun glare and a smile [of sorts] from Belle.}

Except those pesky ten or twenty pounds I could really stand to lose. But like most problems in life, I blame said pounds on the thyroid. You might blame it on my cookie dough consumption. Tomato, tomatah.

{Photo wherein I intentionally crop my gut off but make it look artistic with a little extra processing.}


Rachel said...

You look beautiful! Seriously, I love these pics. And don't worry, you're definitely not the first chick to crop a gut out of a photo :)

eclaires said...

Loving these. At least your artistic cropping comes after birthing two babies. I have no excuse. ;) And you KNOW this girl crops like there's no tomorrow. Oh, and adjusts lighting so that her skin looks blemish-free. Uh huh. I'll admit it... to you, anyway.

Rachel said...

Cute, cute pictures!

lichelle said...

My goodness, you're a beautiful family.


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