Thursday, October 27, 2011


So when I was in St. George for my sister's baby shower, I went to Target with her to register for a few things. She was asking me if there were any toys that she should really register for. So I took a peek and noticed this little soft book. I suddenly got all nostalgic. I suddenly recalled a soft plasticish book that we had when I was young. I don't know how many of us actually played with this book, but I remember it so clearly. It could unfold and turn into a triangle (as shown above, with a baby Marissa {the one having a baby any day now} looking in the mirror). And for some reason, I got a wee bit sappy and threw it in the cart for little Lou.
It turned out to be an inspired impulse buy as Lou Lou actually really loves it. While driving in Tennessee, it was honestly the only thing that would distract her for any amount of time. She loves staring at and talking to the patterns. And she's developed enough dexterity to actually grab it and chow its corners.
Isn't it so true that some of the most simple things means the most? In this case, it's a bit of nostagia and a plastic, soft book.

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