Wednesday, October 26, 2011

it's been said

I'm beginning to think this is going to have to become a weekly installment. Girl makes us laugh so hard every day. She's like a miniature grown up. And I love the honesty in everything she says. It's usually so funny, but also so sweet.

Put your belt seat on Mommy!
Welcome to my house!
{referring to an old historic home in the Great Smokies that she claimed as her own}
{when waking up and finding that Daddy hadn't yet
left to take his early morning pictures in the Great Smokies}
Daddy's still here!
{he subseqently stayed because of that sweet little sleepy comment}
{instead of napping, she tries to get anyone to come hang out with her by yelling...
Mommy! Daddy! Mommy or Daddy?! Mom??!!! ..... Lydia?
These {mini Reeses} are tiny like Lydia! Ooooohhh!
Oh! I need my biolin!
{a raquetball raquet that she uses as a guitar while singing Do-Ray-Me like Maria}
Mommy! I need a dress like dem!
{the girls in the Sound of Music}
I need a new dipe. I not seen so many pees.
{after I ask her if she can roll a ball out of play dough}
I can't. My hands are too leeetle.
When Lydia gets big she can sit by me and play.
{while looking at the dry river bed near Little Cottonwood Canyon}
Ohhhh. Look! The rocks are snuggling together!
{while Jess assaults her with kisses}
Don't Daddy! It scratches! Make it go away!
{after I explain to her that Mommy & Daddy need a
special card [recommend] so we can go in the temple}
Like Angel Moroni?!! 
{she's really into Angel Moroni}
Me: Who does Jesus love?
Belle: Me...and Daddy...
Me: And?
Belle: And Mommy...and Lydia...
Me: And?
Belle: ...and...the bishop!!
Jess: Do you want to go to Wal Mart or Target?
Belle: The red store.
{Jess pulls into Target's parking lot.}
Belle: No, this is the wrong store. This is the red Target. I want to go to the blue Target.
{Jess drives to Wal Mart.}
Me: Boo, it's time for bed.
Belle: No, Mommy! I'm snuggling with Daddddyyyy!
Me: Nope, time for bed Missy.
Belle: Weeellllll...I'm stuck in Daddy's arms.

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