Saturday, October 22, 2011

three months

Little Lou:

Your third month was a busy one. I feel like this month you grew up into a baby, not just an infant. Ack. You're getting so big.

You weaned completely to the blessed bottle and formula. It was an easy switch, likely because you were finally getting full. This is likely why you also started napping and sleeping all night regularly - you weren't starving so you could finally rest. I'm really sorry it took me so long to figure it out.
In your third month, you took a cross-country trip to the Great Smokies. The plane rides were easy - you were a champ. Indeed, I think you were actually a fan because you got to be held for several hours at a time. And you experienced the baby backpack for the first time - a huge success in everyone's book.
That said, you had some of the biggest fits of your life while driving in Gatlinburg. The kind where you cry so hard you almost throw up and then when you stop you do that catching your breath thing for a few minutes. It made me cry too. And I made Daddy pull over frequently so I could pull you out of your seat and give you loves.
You started "talking." Not just the little coos and goos, which are also completely adorable, but also long sounds. You make the same mouth shape your big sister did when you get really into a conversation. Your sounds often sound like you're voicing complaints, but we much prefer these kind of complaints than the screaming kinds. In fact, by the end of the trip, when we had to drive back to the airport, you didn't cry at all. You just talk-talk-talked.

You started using your hands with a vengeance. You love to eat your fists, but you're also getting coordinated enough to scoop things up into your mouth. Your pink owl blanket is your favorite. Thing. In. The. World. And you especially love grabbing it up and smothering your face with it. You also seem to still prefer your left hand. You love your soft book that has all those patterns. It was the only thing that would distract you while driving in Tennessee.

You also really started loving the binky, which was quite timely as it was a huge help on the airplanes and in public to help keep you happy. You've started intentionally grabbing the binky leash or the binky if you can as well.
You're still the smiliest little thing we've ever seen when you wake up in the morning. I absolutely love your smiley morning face. Actually, I pretty much just love your face. Period.
 We can't get enough of you my girl. Happy three months baby.
Here she is at one month.
Here she is at two months.
And boy, do I wish I would've done this for Annabelle.


danielle said...

love love love

The Harrises said...

Cute little Lou! Look at the expression.

Riss said...

My favorites are the ones of her sitting up/smiling/cooing. So cute.


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