Thursday, October 20, 2011

southern hospitality

So we're still alive. We're good and alive, in fact. Breathing in the beautiful air of the Great Smokies and enjoying the southern hospitality we'd forgotten we love so much. My girls haven't been loved so much by strangers...ever. And not in a creepy, obnoxious way either. In the cutest of ways. They are admired and cooed at almost every five minutes. The curls and the little baby cheeks and the simple joy of seeing happy little babies sends so many into a downright tizzy. And seeing my girls through complete strangers' eyes has made me fall in love with them all over again. I'm sorting through some of the (thousands - literally) of photos that have been snapped in the last few days (to pick some for The Daily Lou), and my goodness, do I love these pretty little ladies. I know I spend most of my time on this blog talking about how much I love these chicklets, but it's simply the truth.

*Photo of the Smokies by Jess. Many many many many more to come.

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