Sunday, November 6, 2011

a blessing

Since the day that we brought Lydia home from the hospital, Jess hasn't been totally sold on her name (the Lydia part, not the Lou part, which is what we really love and what she basically goes by anyhow). He tries out random names on her all the time, which is kind of a comedy. Eliza Lou? (So cute, right?) Lizzie Lou? Today we blessed our little Lou, and I will admit that I had a small ulcer wondering if I would walk into church with a Lydia and leave with a Bertha because Jess had finally decided that was the name for her.

The good news? We left with a Lydia Lou. It was such a beautiful day with friends and family, and a wonderful chance to recognize our little lady. And I thank my lucky stars that this little Lou is ours. She is indeed one of my most treasured blessings.
Almost all photos by Danielle.

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Rachel said...

I like that the guys bless babies because that is not a pressure that I would ever want to feel, but at the same time I hate that I will always worry that he'll take matters into his own hands and name our baby Sylvester. You are miraculous and I wish you lived by me so we could party together because your parties are spectacular.


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