Saturday, November 12, 2011

it's been said

Uggghhhh, freakin' toilet!
{when the lid fell down on her back}
{after running an errand with Daddy}
Oh, little sister! I missed you!
{followed by a kiss}
{after I sing her bedtime song}
I want Lichelle {my mom, who was visiting} to sing to me.
Should I stand on my bike?
{sure, and then crack your head open}
{while waiting for our lunch group to arrive}
I think I hear my friends coming!!!
{cocking her head to the side and actually listening for them}
I have my dancing scarves and strollers! {whaaaa?}
{while practicing her lowercase letters}
Look! It's a little A! It's so tiny like Lydia!
{while standing in Lydia's car seat}
Mommy, look - are you proud? {totally}
{when cousins and friends came for the blessing luncheon}
Thanks for coming to my room guys!
{during the middle of Mommy and Daddy singing I'm Trying to be Like Jesus at bed time}
Hey! Jesus loves me guys!
{after explaining that a friend was getting baptized and that we were invited to the baptism} I go in the water with Daddy too?
{after attempting to explain the Holy Ghost}
Where's he? I wanna see the Holy Ghost!
{reading The Hungry Caterpillar to herself}
...And he ate two kinds a lums.
{while I change Lou's stinky diaper}
That's magic poop!
{um, magically disgusting...}
Me: Okay, I think we're ready to go.
Belle: Fo' real?
Me: Alright, let's go buy this stuff.
Belle: Seer-us-lee Mom? Seer-us-lee?
Photos by Danielle.

1 comment:

lichelle said...

The fifth one on the list reminds me of you.

While in a restaurant waiting for our pizza to be delivered to our table, you stand up on the bench: "Shhhh. (pause) I hear our pizza coming."


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