Monday, November 14, 2011


+ One of my favorite things about Belle is the way she tries to see through her long curl in the front. She would rather go blind than clip her bangs back. One of my favorite things about Lou is the way she constantly furrows that brow. (See below.) She would rather get botox than just relax.

+ So what Pinterest has taught me is I'm really not very smart or creative. Some of the things I pin are seriously the most common sense ideas; yet, my sense is obviously not common at all. Also, Pinterest has taught me that people love bacon and Nutella, not necessarily together, but probably.

+ Does anyone have any Achilles tendon rehab suggestions? Besides sit on your duff and eat chocolate? That's the routine I've been going with. It's working out great.

+ So my pre-Annabelle jeans fit(ish) but not really. They're tight around my totally buff (fat) quads, and my hips are weird now. But my post-Annabelle jeans fall off my non-existent rear quarters. (If I could spin, I could get some butt back. Without spinning, I've just got chocolate and a flat butt.) I hate jean shopping more than swimsuit shopping. Because finding jeans for tall, ah-hem, stout women is impossible. It always has been. And so I just keep shoving my non-existent rear into the tight jeans and pretend that breathing isn't really my thing anyhow.

+ I find that a day goes infinitely better when started with prayer, wheat toast and Nutella, and Diet Dr Pepper. If any one of those elements is missing, just forget about it.

+ I'm in the middle of post-pregnancy hair loss. Pretty sure I'm going to be bald by the end of the month. It's more than a little disconcerting and also more than a little disgusting to find my hair everywhere.

+ Jess bought a huge bag of Wint-O-Green mints at Sam's Club for work. He brought me a bunch home, and now I'm obsessed with finding the dissolvey ones. You know what I'm talking about. And if you don't, you're really missing out.

+ I'm sort of obsessed with this Tuscan Mac & Cheese. I've loved it forever, but now I just want to make it every day. And Belle too: "I want the noodles with chicken in it." Although she doesn't actually eat the sausage, just the creamy sauce and noodles. (By the way, I don't add olives to mine. I feel like olives are just a salty excuse of a vegetable. Also, it's not like a true mac and cheese. It's a creamy noodle dish, but has a different {and delicious} taste than you'd expect.)

+ I wish my sisters and mom lived here. I find it highly annoying to be separated. Just sayin'.

+ My thyroid is almost back to normal. In other words, I can almost remember to clean my toilets. Seriously though, I feel almost normal, and it really is wonderful. That fuzzy haze is lifted off my eyes and soul, and I'm just totally in love with this mommy gig, more than I was before. And let's be honest all ya'll - I already had obsessive issues. This is just a whole new level of nutty.


Kristen said...

I could for some more dissolvy mints and sisters in my life too!

danielle said...

I'm not a fan of dissolvey mints. . .but I do miss my sisters! (And my sister's children. :) )

Riss said...

I could go for some bacon, dissolveys, tuscan, sisters, and babies (yours and mine!)

Riss said...

Oh, and Dr. Pepper. But not diet.


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