Friday, December 23, 2011

holiday faves

movie: You've Got Mail. Not really about Christmas, although some of it takes place over the Christmas season. There's just something about that old friend of a movie that makes me happy. And makes me feel all Christmasy.

treat: I totally copied my cousin-in-law and made these. Problem is, despite my diet resolutions, I ate like half of what I made. (I used peppermint Hugs.) Things are addicting. Also, trying to lose weight during the holiday season is like telling Annabelle's hair to be straight. Impossible. Only Annabelle's dilemma results in cuteness. Mine in a spare tire. Rad.

soundtrack: We've had Michael Buble's new Christmas album on for weeks in the car. (Thus, Microphone Blue Blue.) His voice is like velvet, and his versions of the Christmas classics are positively spot on.

event: I'm going to have to go with Hale Centre Theatre's A Christmas Carol. People, it is pretty much the best way to start the season (we attended the first Saturday in December). Richard Wilkins plays Scrooge (and has for 27 years), and the man is kind of incredible. He lives in Quatar right now but returns each December to reprise his role. And goodness, he makes me cry. The whole production is phenomenal. Really.

funny: When we went to pick out our Christmas tree (in sub zero temperatures), Jess went to take Loula out of her car seat and smelled the smell. Girl has stinky diapers. Stinkier than you can imagine. It's not right. So I'm like, "No big. I'll just change her real quick while you go tree looking with Boo." I reached for the diaper bag only to find no diapers. AND NO WIPES. In my two and a half years of motherhood, I have never been caught without either. This was kind of a comedy. So I did what any mother would do and started digging through the car to see what makeshift items I had. Miraculously, I came up with a little baggy of wipes from who knows when that were still marginally moist and a size six diaper leftover from Annabelle's diaper days. And let me tell you what, Lou rocked the diaper that reached to her armpits. Rocked it.

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Lindsay RC Wilson said...

Oh, you got to see Richard Wilkins. He is in our ward, and we sure miss him when he is gone. I've never had a chance to see him play Scrooge, but I hear he is great.


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