Wednesday, December 21, 2011

it's been said

Me: You're a fruit snack nut!
Belle: I'm not a fruit snack nut! I'm Annabelle Charlene Cheney!
Me: You are?
Belle: Yes, and I'm the big sister!
Me: True.
Belle: And I'm the babysitter!
Me: Sweeeeet. When can you start?
I want the reindeer red nosed fox.
{overheard, singing}Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, had a very shiny....nose...had a very...bloody nose?
{thinking, shaking head...}
A very shiny nose.
{whispers under her breath while I brush her hair}
I'm so excited! It's getting looonnngggg!
Belle: What's his name that sings this song?
Me: Michael Buble.
Belle: Microphone Blue Blue?

{a few days later, in the car}
Hey Mom. I wanna listen to...Mr. Buble.
{I nearly died laughing. She knows "Mr. Buble" from this.}

{and yet a few days later, in the car}
I like this Microphone Buble.
Rosie's drinking her bottle so be careful! Don't chouch her!
Maybe someday I'll see Santa at Hobby Lobby.
Belle: Is my head broken on the big computer?
{referring to that picture she saw weeks ago that chopped off the top of her head}
Me: No, it was just a picture Honey.
Belle: {holding the top of her head} My head is together?
Me: Yes, your head is together. {Mine, however...}
Look! Lydia's holding my hand! ... She's my friend.
{the best kind of friend, the best}
{her first prayer, said without any help or prompts}
Heav-ee Fadurr...we tankee babies...we ask of Jesus Christ...Amen!
You tink your video is spicy? {my burrito, we haven't got a whole lot of "spicy" videos around here...}
Grammy's berry little...and she's berry special. {totally out of the blue, mind you}
Did I get this toy from Old McDonald's? {McDonald's}
{to Aunt Whitney, referring to her pants}
Belle: These are boy pants.
Whitney: Um, no...they're girl pants silly.
Belle: These are girl pants. But they look like boy pants.
{while we're walking from the car to the apartment}
Let's get on the sidewalk so we don't get in trouble.
{overheard, while she plays with her toy food and kitchen}
Thank you for making this! It's nice to have friends over for lunch!
The firefighters are getting in their truck! I'm so impressed!
{referring to some firefighters she saw leaving Cafe Rio}
Boys make messes. Girls make cleaning! {perhaps the most true thing she's ever said}
{while playing with my hair}
Apparently, I'm doing a braid in your hair.
Belle: I like Santa. I tink he's nice.
Me: Yeah? Do you want to sit on his lap and tell him what you want for Christmas?
Belle: Um, no. I want to stay in my stroller buckled. And juss look at him.

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eclaires said...

Seriously, these are my favorite posts. Thank you for brightening my day. :)


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