Thursday, December 8, 2011

it's been said

{while trying to describe which song from Sound of Music she wants}
Belle: I want Maria to sing without her hat.
Me: Um, it's a movie. We can't make her take off her hat.
Belle: No, I want her to sing without her hat, sing So Long.
Me: You want the Cuckoo Song?
Belle: {getting ridiculously exasperated with me}
Me: Oh! {realizing which scene she probably meant} This one?
Belle: Yes Mommy! I know bout what I'm talking about!
Mommy, your hair is long. My hair is...small?
Mom! What happened! Is the top of my head missing?
{after looking at a photo where the top of her head is cut off}
Day gonna hang out and have a blessing. {her nativity people}
{after Jess picks up his scriptures to read one morning}
Belle: No Daddy! Don't read the scriptures!
Jess: Um, why not?
Belle: Daddy don't read the scriptures! I don't want to go to bed!
{because we always read scriptures together at night before bed}
Me: Who's your favorite Mommy?
Belle: Daddy!
{to Lydia} Hey little creature!
{while playing with a little toy car} This car is a HUGE LAWNMOWER!
{in reference to her Great Grandma Cheney}
Grammy's little. She's just my size.
{in reference to a short lady at Target}
Look Mommy! That lady's just my size!
Brown paper packages tied up wif...kittens...
 {My Favorite Things in Sound of Music)}
I want to listen to I Have Competence.
{I Have Confidence in Sound of Music}
{after I give her a roll and start scooping up her soup}
Belle: Thank you Mommy.
Me: For what?
Belle: Thank you for making dis dinner. It's goooood.
Belle: Here Mommy. Have one of my candies.
{I take a Skittle.}
Belle: Thank you for taking a candy from my hand!
{while she whines because I won't let her have something}
Me: What's wrong?
Belle: I want you to make me happy Mommy!
Lehi has germs on his face.
{in reference to his beard}


eclaires said...


These posts have got to be my favorite. :)

Rachel said...

I seriously love that Belle loves my favorite movie!


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