Sunday, December 11, 2011


So I'd be lying if I said every day was super awesome, that I'm super happy all the time. The truth of the matter is, sometimes I'm pretty irrational. Sometimes I make no sense. Sometimes tears are more common than smiles. And it isn't because I have a sad life. On the contrary. I have a lovely life really. I think it mostly has to do with hormonal imbalances that my body is continually reconciling. For the most part, I'm relatively normal. I'm blessed to have doctors monitoring me monthly and synthetic hormones to do the job that my thyroid cannot. But on the days when things are out of whack, I can feel it. Thankfully, I've learned to just wait it out. I've learned that I'll come back around.
And thankfully, I have my babies around to keep me in check. It's honestly pretty hard to be sad when I stop listening to my brain and just focus on them. One thing I've been incredibly grateful for is this tiny girl's smiles. She doesn't smile with just her mouth. She smiles with her whole face, and it's contagious. There have been many times where I'm nearing an irrational breakdown, and that great big gummy smile happens. You simply cannot look at this face and not smile back.
Go ahead, give it a try. Bet you're smiling already...

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