Tuesday, January 31, 2012

hawaii in five

Click the little YouTube button to view larger in YouTube.

Beware. Watching this movie may cause one to get ridiculously trunky for summer.

Also, it's about five minutes long. So if you haven't five minutes to enjoy paradise, I've included a few more still shots (and explanations) for you.

I love these pictures. Pretty place. Pretty babies. Lovely memories. Including the meltdowns. Because we got over it and just loved the guts out of each other.

Thank you Hawaii.
My favorite faces. In. The. World.

The clouds in Hawaii are kind of amazing. That said, they often block the sunset.
However, the sun through them was pretty fantastic.
Annabelle is generally not fond of messes on her person.
At two years old she still hates to get messy while eating.
But put her in sand? Whole new ballgame.
She could live on the beach, quite literally.
Oh so serious.
This is Lydia staring us down just after her first encounter with the ocean.
Not a fan. Not a fan at all.
So they're not totally sharp photos, but come on!
Jess got pics of a whale jumping!
Most photos you see of Hawaii are all beach and ocean.
But there's jungle too.
This was a little hike we went on to Honolua Bay (a snorkeling hot spot).
Um, yeah.
This photo sums up Hawaii pretty well.
Her very favorite part of Hawaii: the cool, most towels the resort passed around.
She played with them for hours.
Jess said that just before he snapped this photo, this blow hole blew
even larger and soaked those super intelligent tourists to the left.
I think she just looks pretty much beautiful here.
And so very happy.
Sadly, this is how much of Lou's naps happened.
The sun setting on our last day.
We had a red eye flight, so we stayed outside until the last
minute to watch the sunset before going in to pack it up.

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Jeanette said...

Those pica are amazing, and I love your girls, so beautiful! When Hayden was a year old we went to Jamaica and your pictures take me back. I am so impressed you did a trip like that with TWO little ones, and no sunburns, what a good mom! I was psycho crazy about sunscreen and so happy we made it w/o sunburns too.


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