Thursday, February 2, 2012

it's been said

Me: Do you know you're my heart?
Belle: Uh huh.
Me: And who else is my heart?
Belle: Lydia Lou?
Me: That's right. You're both my heart.
Belle: And you're my heart!
{after I tell her there's a dog in the parking lot}
Belle: There's a frickin dog in the parking lot!
Me: What did you just say?
Belle: There's a FRICKIN DOG in the parking lot.
{ha ha ha ha ha ha}
{to her dolls before bed}
It's time for you to sleep...don't worry 'bout're stressable!
You are crying in the dark! I hear you talking in the dark! Cuz your mouf is really sad!
{all the time}
Oh, it's fine. Don't worry 'bout it.
When I grow up, I have lots of kids, and I be like Maria.
{from Sound of Music, of course}
Don't stress about the doors, aright? They're not as stressable.
When I get big I be on a movie like Annie.
{after waking up from her nap to my Gilmore Girls}
Belle: Does this have singing?
Me:'s Gilmore Girls. No singing.
Belle: Could we watch somefing with singing?
{while "lifting weights" with Daddy}
Belle: Lessgo get some water aright?
{gets a drink with Daddy}
Belle: Lessgo lift again okay?
Daddy: Okay. Let me do one set, and then you can.
{this is perhaps the funniest and cutest thing to watch}
Belle: Will you help me snap Caterpillar's pajamas?
{I start snapping}
Belle: Don't mess up, aright?!
{She had a strange rash that our pediatrician couldn't diagnose so he went to get his colleague.
After the colleague left...}
The doctor's friend is a baldly!
{baldly = bald, like her little sister}
{also, the rash was a random, non contagious thing}
I'n eating one of dose froat're healthily...for my tummy.
Belle: I wanna play the dog game on the Kindle.
Me: How about we eat dinner first?
Belle: How about I play the Kindle while I eat dinner.
{and the negotiating begins...}
{singing the alphabet}
L, M, N, O, Pool
{singing My Favorite Things}
Raindrops on roses and whispers on kittens...When da dog bites, when the V-strings, when I'm feeling sad, I simply remember my fave-rit tings, and den I don't feeeeeel soooooo DAAAADDDD!
Oh, you're so crunchily! {to Lydia}
My butt is showing you!
{when her skirt fell down and she semi-mooned me (her tights were still on)}
Are we going on another alligator?
{gets in the elevator}
Okay. What button do I push.
{over and over and over in Hawaii}
Oh, the turtles are giving each other back hugs! How sweet!
{while putting our two turtle toys on top of each other in a very awkward fashion}
{while describing something from Tangled}
And dis is where Sin Rider sits...

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Rachel said...

That girl is seriously so so cute!


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