Sunday, January 1, 2012

it's been said

Shauntel: Boo, are you hungry?
Belle: Uh-huh.
Shauntel: Do you want a quesadilla?
Belle: No. I want hot chocolate.
I wanna go footbare.
Let me help you, my dear. {while doing a puzzle with me}
Shauntel: So, what are you thankful for?
Belle: Um, for people.
Shauntel: What people?
Belle: Um....for people that shop?
{she's an economist, what can I say?}
{after I ask her to throw away her garbage}
Shauntel: Annabelle! This isn't putting your paper in the garbage!
This is putting paper on the floor! I need you to come put the paper in the garbage!
Belle: {as she throws the paper away} Thank you for asking me to throw my paper away!
Shauntel: Who's your favorite mommy? Is it Lydia?
Belle: No....
Shauntel: Is it Don Don?
Belle: No....
Shauntel: Is it Kimmy or Whitney?
Belle:'s my best friend Mommy!
{and there goes my heart}
The fun cart is peeing! {giggle giggle giggle}
{the shopping cart - the huge version, fun right? - was spitting rain water off its tires}
Belle: Mommy! There's a monster in the laundry room!
Shauntel: Really? Is he doing the laundry?
Belle: No. He's hiding behind the laundry.
Shauntel: Figures.
Will you remind me and take this out of her hair? {will you remind me = do you mind}
{after we get ready for church}
Shauntel: You look so cute Belle!
Belle: I know.
Shauntel: Do you want another piece of chicken?
Belle: No, I'm fullish.
Shauntel: Who are your babies?
Belle: Clarissa, Rosie, Suzy, Sammy, Caterpillar....and Caterpillar's pants!
What is that that I smell? {any random thing - something cooking, a car's exhaust, etc.}
{after she hears the front door open, from her room}
Belle: Mommy?! Who's here!?
Shauntel: It's a stranger!
Shauntel: It's a stranger with red hair!
Belle: IT'S DADDY!!!???

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