Saturday, January 7, 2012

getting serious about those last ten pounds

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So my cute sister-in-law, Kimberly (the other redhead, seen here), and I challenged each other to an "eat healthy, lose weight before Hawaii" challenge. We're headed to Hawaii in about two weeks, and although she really hasn't a pound to lose, I sure do. I've been stuck at these last 10-15 pounds for-evah. But mostly, both of us just wanted someone to stick with, the comfort of knowing someone else was passing on those yummy sugar cookies.

And truthfully, I haven't done half bad. And it really does help when I wake up at the buttcrack of dawn and just want to sleep, to know that Kimmy's trying too. And so I drag myself out of bed and, of course, always end up feeling better for it. Here's what I've been doing:

1. No sugar or white flour. Except for snitches of Nutella. I will concede a few other random snitches as well, but never a cookie, piece of cake, or chocolate bar.
2. I do some form of work out 5-6 days a week (I always take off Sundays but try to get something in Saturdays too). Most days I spin for thirty minutes (my tendons are super iffy right now and I don't dare to do more), followed by 15-20 minutes of resistance training with a resistance band, and some leg lifts for my tendons. When I was in St. George and Miss Lydia Lou didn't permit much sleep, I didn't roll out of bed as planned, but instead I tried this random pin (above - and the day I did four cycles nearly killed me). Let's just say I could barely lift my 17 pound child for a few days, and lifting the 40 pound child was out of the question. It may not be heavy cardio, but it kicks your toosh good.
3. I drink more water. I'm not even going to pretend that I drink enough. But I drink more. I hate water. It's just so...tasteless. I do love it when I'm working out, but during the day it's like pulling teeth to get me to drink it.
4. I've upped my veggie and fruit intake. Without cookies and chocolate to snack on, I've been resorting to the yummy fruit alternatives. And when I need a salty fix, I eat some sort of veggie. I've created a tomato-zuchinni chip kind of thing that is a little bit to die for. Perhaps I should post a tutorial and pretend that I belong on Pinterest? Yes, I think so.

And of course, I feel muuuuch better. I'm not groggy, my stomach isn't bloaty, I feel healthy. And for the grand weight loss total (we started this December 26)?

Get ready...

...make sure you're sitting down...


On a good day.

If I'm sucking in.

And put one floor on the ground and one foot on the scale.

Seriously. The comedy is almost tangible. I'm trying really hard to lose weight. And yet, the weight stays. Oh well. I feel good about my effort, and I feel better about my body, even if its size isn't changing. And I told Kimmy I would stick to my guns if she would. And so I will. Just like the pounds are sticking to my gut.

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