Sunday, January 8, 2012

matchy matchy

Shortly after I had Lou Lou (as in minutes), my father-in-law mentioned how I could have matchy-matchy babies. I nearly jumped out of my hospital bed in excitement, and were it not for the IV still stuck in my arm, I probably would've. Because I hadn't even thought of that yet! MATCHY MATCHY! The next day he showed up at the hospital with some matchy matchy outfits and a warning to never go to Carter's if you didn't want to leave broke. :)
The trick about these matchy girls is one is very tall and stocky (especially for her age), and one, while she's ridiculously long for her age, is relatively skinny. (It's all relative to us - after our chunky Belle, Lou is a comparative shrimp. Others seem to think she's big, however.) Because of their disparate proportions, I have seriously had issues finding outfits that match in the right sizes. The ones Papa brought only fit together for like a minute. And at Christmas, I tried my best to find something adorable for them to match in. No luck. (At least within my cheapskate price range.)
We went to St. George last week, and of course had a little mini Christmas while there. My mom, being the ridiculously amazing person she is, managed to whip up a few dresses for the girls. That match. AND FIT. I've been in matchy matchy heaven all day. Usually I change the girls out of their church clothes as soon as we get home. But today I'm pretty sure they'll be wearing these pretty little numbers until the sun goes down.

Tanks Mama. They were admired by all.

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