Monday, January 9, 2012

wake up call

The best way to wake up Daddy from his Sunday nap is to send in Lou Lou. Because I'm telling you what, Jess is not an easy riser from his Sunday naps. He gets to that dead sleep place, where making eyelids uncover one's eyeballs becomes a near impossibility and sleep becomes the only solution. However, send in Lala, and you've got it in the bag. Because really, it's impossible to not smile around this kid. Even when you're tired. Even when your thyroid is strung out leaving your body limping behind with a side dish of exhaustion. Because seriously. Girl makes everyone happy. So happy we have her.


danielle said...

freaking adorable.

Becky Adams said...

Words can't do these pictures justice. I think these are the cutest father/daughter pics I have ever seen. Seriously. THE CUTEST!!


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