Tuesday, January 10, 2012

puppy love

I grew up with dogs. Starting with our shetland sheepdog, Bluff (named for the bluffs surrounding St George, UT) and culminating three additional dogs later in the current four-legged residents at my mom's house, Chamine - a fifteen-year-old keeshond and maybe the world's best dog, not to mention most beautiful, and Miley - a three-year-old pomeranian (seen here) whose yips make my brain rattle but whose love saved my mom in some hard times.
Growing up, I always knew my kids would have a dog simply because their presence in my life as a child and a teenager was really that important. Now, of course, I understand my mom's (former) resistance to these furry friends - the mess and the hair. Yuck. Not to mention the barking. That said, my mom now lets a little yipper sleep in her bed. Dogs are quite literally a part of our family, and a part even my mom wouldn't take away.
We don't need a dog (or cat for that matter) right now - not until Belle is a little older at least (and I'd love to be done with crawling babies as the thought of dog hair in their mouths makes me gag a little). And Jess doesn't want one at all. He didn't grow up with one and doesn't know how much you can really love a pet. But I know we will have one, even though Jess will resist even more than I. Because I know these girls will put on their puppy dog eyes, and Mommy will explain how simply amazing it is to have a forever friend around, and Daddy will cave.
Because really. Look at this girl. And it's not even her dog. P.S. Lou loved Miley too. I'm so sad we don't have photos of Lou giggling her guts out at Miley and trying to give her head bumps. Sorry Daddy. There's a dog in our future! :)

All photos by dc photography. That said, all post processing was by me. In Picasa. Because we're ghetto like that. And I'd hate for her to get blamed for my sweet photo editing skills. :)

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lichelle said...

And there was a time---as I'm sure you'll recall---that I wouldn't even allow a dog to eat or sleep inside the house. Now, not only do they eat and sleep inside, but one of them sleeps with me!

What has happened to me?


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