Saturday, February 11, 2012

it's been said

I want two braids and two phone-ee tails!
{after putting her bear down for a nap}
Okay, she's going to sleep in here, okay? DON'T go in there! And be quiet okay!?
Me: Where's Lydia's toy?
Belle: Um...I think she ate it.
Lydia! You're a crap up!
Me: What did you learn in Nursery today?
Belle: Of eating snaaacccks...
Me: Here you go Hon.
Belle: I'm not Hon.
Me: You're not?
Belle: No, Daddy's your Hon.
Don't eat this! Don't eat my ganilla bar! {granola bar}
{and The Sound of Music interpretation continues...}
...when the dog bites, when the pee stings...
{I die}
{after I attempted to retrieve a box of Lydia's clothes that Jess has wedged into a closet}
Belle: Did you get Lydia's clothes?
Me: No, I think we'll need Daddy to get it.
Belle: Yeah. Cuz Daddy is STRONG...And he's tall tall TALL.
{and he rearranges my storage...but that's another story...
and we're actually the same height...}
{after snuggling up with me and Lou Lou}
Belle: I wish you could get another sister out of your tummy...
Me: How about a brother? Would that be okay?
{this is by no means an announcement of any sort!}
Belle: Um...if the brudder is a sister.
Belle: And when you got married you weared a white dress!
Me: Yes, I had a white dress when I married Daddy.
Belle: And where is your white dress?
Me: My white dress is in St. George at Grandma Lichelle's. I'm saving it for you if you want to wear it when you get married.
Belle: And when I get married my daddy is going to marry ME!!
When I get much bigger my head will be BIG. And my tummy will be BIG. And I'll have a baby sister in it!
Belle: I want jammies that have no toes and are long and dey-re not on my legs...
Me: What do you mean? Like Maria's nightgown?
Look! He's playing the jello! {cello}
When I get a bigger head, I be a mom and play the jello?
When Lydia was little, she had a hat on. And you were at the doctor's....AND YOU CAME BACK!
{to her dolls, pretending to cross a street}
It's okay! The street's not stressable!
Me: I love you the most!
Belle: I love you the...toast!


Rachel said...

You could probably start charging money for people to hang out at your house and get a good mood boost (wow that was a lot of o's.) We got your darling Valentine's card, it's up on our fridge!

eclaires said...

I am in complete agreement with Rachel. This little girl makes me laugh! :)

Thank you for taking the time to write these down. I know it's for your sake and for her sake too, but the rest of us thank you. :)

"When Lydia was little, she had a hat on. And you were at the doctor's....AND YOU CAME BACK!"


The Harrises said...

Look how doll like she looks in that last picture!


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