Monday, February 27, 2012

it's been said

Belle: Where is Daddy?
Me: At work still. He should be home soon.
Belle: Maybe I'll go get him. How does that sound?
{after a rousing rendition of "I love you mosts" between us}
I love you the cock a doodle doo!
I'm gonna go to Target and then some random type stores.
{to her bald doll}
OH, your hair is so gorgeous.
{during dinner}
Essentially, I want some potatoes.
{to a hairspray bottle}
Baby! Why did you call me baby? Why did you call me!??
{overheard while she was in her bed before naptime, note who is speaking in both instances}
Belle: Are you asleep Annabelle?
Belle: Nope! Not yet!
{while Daddy naps, we play in the TV room}
Belle: I'm letting Daddy have a nap.
Me: Yep, we're letting Daddy have a nap.
Belle: And I'm letting you NOT have a nap.
{what's new?}
Once upon a time there were three La La Loopsies! And once upon a time there was a La La Loopsy with orange hair! And once upon a time they were shorter!
Are you eating candy Daddy? That's kind of random.
{when Daddy started losing his grip on her as he locked the door}
Daddy, hold me some more!
Belle: Hey, where did my stamps go?
{the librarian gave her some stamps on her hands}
Me: Oh, they wash away when you wash your hands.
Belle: Sooo...are they in the sink den?
I'm gonna leave my baby in the car, K? She can have a great rest.
Do you have a Barbie pin in your hair?
{after she uses the restroom and proceeds to serenade us with songs for five minutes, an interruption}
Belle: Mommm? Will you come get my clippy?
Me: Where is it?
Belle: Um...It's in the toilet.
Me: How'd it get there?
Belle: I dropped it in there!
{Jess goes to check out the situation - he discovers that not only is the clippy in the toilet,
but so are some extra presents}
Jess: I am so not touching that!
Belle: Um...maybe you could get a marker? To get it?
I wanna play the Kindle, that game where I chase letters. {trace letters}
{while playing on our bed}
I wish I could have a no-bar bed when I get much bigger.
Daddy's having some meat-love. {meatloaf}
The wheels on the bus go round and round, all through the blunders!
Me: Guess what? I love you!
Belle: Well, I love Don Don!
{awesome :) }
{while sniffing bottles of product}
I'm smelling these out...seein' if they're good.
Me: What are you eating?
Belle: I dunno.
Me: Is it candy?
Belle: Um, yeah.
Me: Where did you get it?
Belle: Um, out on the deck.
{while on the phone with my mom}
Me: Well, have fun at Danielle's concert.
{from the back seat}
Me: Don Don is going to sing in a concert, and Grandma Lichelle's going to go watch.
{from Sound of Music, NATURALLY}

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eclaires said...

She makes me want to have babies.


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