Sunday, February 5, 2012

to my first baby sister

 When you were tiny
and I was just a little bigger,
and we were playing with blocks
or baby dolls
or reading books and books and books,
if you ever looked up at me
the way that Lou looks at her big sister,
I hope that somewhere in the midst of being a toddler,
I let you know I felt exactly the same.
And that even now
this sisterhood that my babies are growing into
is the same one I cherish with you
and the next baby sisters. 
 It has been a magical thing
watching these two love each other.
And then realizing I've already done
just the same.
Three times over.
*These are their Hawaiian matchy matchy outfits. I may have squealed when I found them. And YES it's still winter in Utah. But matchy matchy overrules winter any day.
** While in Hawaii, our external flash died. In other words, a little part of my soul died. And my photos are going to be harsh and weird lighty for a while until we either fix or replace it.


Kristen said...

Oh sis!! We had so much fun growing up, sisters are the best! I love you!

eclaires said...

Okay, your girls are beautiful. Belle is turning into such a little lady.

eclaires said...

Oh, and I've never actually met that. We need to rectify that rather soon.


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