Saturday, March 17, 2012


I know, right?

The girls and I made the trek down to St. George this past week. And let's talk about this cousins picture.

1. While I don't produce enough milk to feed a small insect, my sister produces cream and could possibly feed an entire country. Her baby is a chunky ball of love. Seriously - look at those cheeks.
2. Marissa found these matching dresses for the girls at Wal Mart at the budget saving value of $5 a pop, so of course we had to go for it (and aren't they so cute?). Here's the irony: she found the two that would fit my girls in St. George. And I found the one that fit Lise in Salt Lake.
3. Lydia Lou is in fact a giraffe. We paired her "dress" with pants because she's so stinking tall and her dress looked like a shirt.
4. My children are white. White, white, white. Rissa's chicklet has a tan that we all envy. Lucky girl.
5. These girls are destined to be best friends forever. And it makes me so happy.

We had a ball in St. George, as we always do. Mostly we just sit around and eat, but let me tell you what, we love doing it. Not ten minutes out of St. George, on the way home, Belle said, "I had fun at Grandma Lichelle's. Can we go back someday?" This will come as a surprise to my mom and sisters as the day we left, Belle was whining and moping and begging to go home. But truly, we love our time there. We're spoiled by my mom, who seriously does dishes twenty-four hours a day, and the aunties, who love on my girls non-stop. I have just one question: WHEN ARE YOU ALL MOVING TO SALT LAKE?

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The Meacham's said...

Holy cuteness! They are all so adorable! :D


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