Sunday, March 18, 2012

it's been said

{to Daddy, to avoid going to bed}
Let's go have a snuggle break in your bed.
Mom, there's a couch in the dumpster diver!
{while playing with her dolls in Lala Land}
The dolls are going for Kid's Meal. That's for sure.
Belle: These kids come from Asians.
Me: They come from Asians?
Belle: Well...they come from Target.
I like this Nemo movie...did you get it in Tokyo?
Um, where's your phone? Is it in Japan?
I don't like fish san-iches. I like fish-chicken...wait...what are they called?
I like fishhhhhicks. Fish sticks? Yeah, fish sticks.
Me: Let's put away these toys Belle.
Belle: Wait. Not these three. These are my friends.
{from one doll to another}
She's telling you about the strew-drive.
{I believe she's referring to a drive-through, with mixed syllables}
{while playing with her fake wallet}
Belle: Hey Mom, can I order?
Me: Sure, what are you going to buy?
Belle: Um. Sixteen dollars.
{goes through a transaction with an imaginary person}
Belle: Thank you lady. Have a nice great day!
{during a long, fake conversation on the phone}
I told her lots of stories and seed if the car is in the garage.
{and then...}
Hey Lady?! Are you dare? ARE YOU DARE?
I have credit cards. I'm sending dem to you.
{to Lou while taking her out of her car seat}
Me: You're a free woman!
Belle: And I'm a free muffin too!
I not wearing a down-leaf shirt. {long sleeve shirt}
{to my mom when they went to retrieve something in her office}
This is the office? This is wonderful!
{on her way to bed at my mom's house}
Dogs, you can not sleep in my bed.
{while helping me put away dishes}
When I get much bigger, I can reach the cupboard. But I'm not much bigger.
{after climbing up a slide}
Look at me! I strong!
{after twirling and then falling down}
It's better to stand up twist.
These church shoes are really nice. Thank you for buying me these shoes!
{after I grab a hat so Lydia's scalp doesn't fry at the playground - poor baldly}
Lydia needs to wear a hat so she doesn't freeze her head off.
My best has pockets! {her vest}
{after examining my teeth}
You have beautiful teeth! And guns! {gums}
{whispering to me}
Mommy and Daddy love me. Grandma Lichelle loves me. Don Don loves me...The dogs love me!
{while chickpeas roast in the oven}
Me: Can you hear the chickpeas whistling in the oven?
Belle: {listens...eyes get big} They're whistling like Captain Bon Trap!
{from Sound of Music BECAUSE WHAT ELSE IS THERE?}
photos courtesy of dc photography (my very talented baby sister). find her here.

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Kelly said...

I can't get over how Annabelle looks exactly like your mom. And Lydia is a little girl Jesse.

Annabelle says the most clever and hilarious things! I'm glad you share them with us and it will be so fun for you to have a record of them.


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