Monday, March 19, 2012

giggly girls

So sometimes Lou Lou steals Belle's stuff and Belle spazzes and yanks her precious piece of cardboard away and Lou Lou death screams (what we call it to differentiate from just a normal scream) and then we have to quiz the one who can speak to figure out who tried to kill whom first. But more often, these two are giggly girls, separated only by two years and at the moment, a wide vocabulary. I'm pretty sure pregnancy is rough for me just to keep my uterus empty for a few months between children. Because holy smokes these two make me baby hungry.
I am not pregnant. Let me just put it this way: I plan to enjoy at least another full holiday season without descending into the depths of nausea and bloated limbs. Also, my body needs some recovery time. I got diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease in September 2010, had half my thyroid removed in October, received the go ahead to get pregnant in the first week of November (with the warning that it might "take a while"), and then peed on a stick at the end of November to discover, that yes, Jess sneezed in my general direction. And then you all got to hear about how fun pregnancy was until I stopped eating good food. (After that, it actually became quite bearable.) ANYWAY. This is all to say, I AM NOT PREGNANT. And even though I'm mentally pacing the floor, ready to swaddle up a newborn, I'm also in possession of my faculties and know that now isn't quite the right time. And truth be told, I'm really enjoying this little Lou Lou. Such a different chicklet than her sister. She's a girl of my heart, and I'm love-love-loving watching her little personality explode (in death screams). :)

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