Tuesday, March 20, 2012

round and round

Happy Spring! I realize that we've been having one of the mildest winters in recent history, but I have just been aching for some spring. There's just something about being forced to coop up as opposed to voluntary hibernation, which I am actually a fan of. The week we were in St. George was full of glorious weather. Naturally, we hit up St. George's hot spot: THE CAROUSEL.
I think maybe my favorite thing about the carousel is that Annabelle actually hates riding on the horses. She only did it the first time because "the benches" were taken already. And she was NOT too happy about it. That smile on her face is merely for hamming it up purposes. On her other cruises round and round, she got "a bench." And obviously, was happy as a clam.
Lou Lou was just happy. Because that's generally how she is. Unless she's not. And then she's loud and practices her death scream. But on the carousel? Happy. She'd have been even happier if I would've let her lick the pole. Girl is a human vacuum, so very different than her older sister who was the strangest baby on earth and rarely put things in her mouth. Lou Lou practically crawls around licking the floor. Let me tell you about AWESOME.
And for anyone randomly visiting St. George and wanting to check out the carousel:
- It's right in the center of town, just off Main Street and Tabernacle (it's behind the old Tabernacle building).
- It costs $1 for adults. Children over 42" are  fifty cents a ride, but must buy a minimum of two rides. Let me do the math for you: it's $2 for adults because you have to go with your under 42" child, who has to ride twice, who ultimately costs $1. There you go.
- Children under 42" ride free. Annabelle is only the average size of a four-year-old (no really), so we've got a few months of freedom left.
- If you're hungry, trot across the street to Thomas Judd's store. The lovely one room mercantile is the oldest running business in St. George (since 1911). Get a breadstick with cheese. Will both stop your heart and make your stomach happy all at the same time.
- If you're hungry for food that won't reduce your life expectancy, hit up 25 Main (on Main Street). Their cupcakes are the thing of legends. It took extreme mental persuasion to convince myself that one was enough when I was there last week. Their regular food is delish too.

So, Happy Spring! And somebody find me a cupcake. ASAP.

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