Friday, May 25, 2012

first swim

So we decided we'd have summer. And we christened Papa and Grandma Cheney's pool this week. I have to admit it was quite a delight watching these girls. It was the perfect illustration of how different - but lovely lovely lovely - my girls are.

If anyone remembers, Annabelle was somewhat terrified the first time she went swimming. She did pseudo swimming lessons last summer and got much more comfortable, but she's still the most cautious little thing. She sticks to the stairs like glue.
This week's swim was no exception: she sat on the stairs and tried on goggles for most of our time out there. "Look Mom! Swimming glasses." "Goggles?" "No, swimming glasses." And only when Grandma pointed out that she could walk out on a long stair, did she venture from her safe spot on the top stair.
I half-expected Lou Lou - like her sister - to show some sort of fear of such a large bathtub. Um. No. Girl started kicking and splashing the minute her toesies touched the water.
Kicked and splashed and giggled about. When she got splashed by an auntie's cannonball, she smiled. Face full of water and everything.
These girls are pretty much the best things. Evah. In all their sameness and differences, they are perfect perfect perfect. Just the way they are.

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