Sunday, June 3, 2012

it's been said

 Me: What else did you learn in Nursery?
Belle: Uh...I pretty much want Skittles.
This juice is something quite atrocious.
{while wrestling her to the ground}
Let's be friends Lou!
Me: Don't drink the bath water Belle.
Belle: Um...shut the door so I can and you can't see me.
Me: Did you find your blanket Boo?
Belle: No, but I looked in your room.
Me: And it's not in there?
Belle: No...I looked a hundred times!
Belle: Mom! Look at my little baby!
Me: She's so cute! But whose baby is that?
Belle:'s Lou's. But she's sharing with me! How nice of her!!
Me: What do you think Kody {my sister's boyfriend} is doing on his mission?
Belle: Putting on a white shirt!
Me: Do you want me to help you write a letter to Kody?
Belle: No. I can do it. I'll write a big letter. A big letter "A"!
{then draws a ginormous "A"}
{as a naked post-bath Lou crawls into the bathroom, where Belle is still bathing}
Hey! Welcome to the nakey-bathroom!
{after a small tantrum}
Me: So what was going on out there?
Belle: I settled down!
Me: Hey, Belle, do you have your clothes on?
Belle: No, I don't have much clothes.
Me: Oh, really. Where'd they all go?
Belle: They're at a party.
Me: At a party huh? Where's this party?
Belle: They're with the table.
Me: Your clothes are partying with the table?
Belle: No, they're SNUGGLING with the table. Is that important?
{while putting away the alphabet puzzle pieces}
Me: Okay, Belle. What's this letter?
Belle: No, Mom! I'm going to destruct you!  
{while holding a letter up} 
 What's this letter Mom?
{while watching a video of cousin, Annalise}
Oh, I LIKE that chunky baby!
{on the "phone"}
I'm Annabelle Charlene Cheney...and I have a mom...
and she's taking me to the playground...are you there? 
Daddy's on the phone talking to Joe.
{while eating "healthy" cookies}
Belle: Do you have a baby in your tummy?
Me: Nope, not yet. {And not any time soon.}
Belle: Do you have cookie babies in your tummy? Cuz you ate too many cookies?
{she understands the concept of a food baby at two-years-old?}
{randomly, to me}
You are the most wonderful girl!
{after playing at the playground}
I pretty much took off my leggings.
{while Lou "reads" a book and speaks total jibberish to herself}
She's NOT speaking English!
I'm taking my children to my nap, okay?
{two dolls, aptly named Gretl and Marta}
{after several hours of driving to Bryce Canyon, and not yet being there}
Guys, on my watch it says it's time for Bryce Canyon.
{during The Cuckoo Song on Sound of Music}
Oh! I'm glad I have a dress on!
{to curtsy in}
{while waiting at a traffic light}
Arrow! Turn green! Stop being red! Ugh!

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Riss said...

Are you sure she's not five?


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