Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Oh hey!

So the only time I generally go this quiet on the blog is when I'm busy building a child in my uterus and thus no longer possess the energy to do much more than sleep. And even that is exhausting. And so I suppose I should just say it: I'M NOT PREGNANT.

It's just been one heck of a month. Jess is working more than he ever has before, which means I'm sometimes a full-time mom (my hat goes off to those who really do it full time, holy smokes). And then there was that small issue of management deciding our apartment needed every single pipe replaced. Cue dozens of holes, lots of dangerous tools, and an abundance of loud, scary noises. So we pretty much exhausted our outings options and had naps in the car for three days. And for two girls who have a pretty serious routine and schedule, it was a wee bit of a nightmare. Oh, also Jess' car sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. So that's fun. OH, and there was that one time when after burning an afternoon at the park, I reversed my car straight into another one. Yeah. Wait. Don't forget those two days that Lou had a raging fever - teething, we hoped! - which turned out to be some random virus that ejected itself out of her skin in the form of a really gross leprous rash. I don't know where she gets these things. It's like she sucks on shopping cart handles or licks the bottom of her shoes. Or something...

Guys seriously. We're rolling in it these days. Someone get me a rolling pin. (For all the good times.)

But in the midst of all this, something lovely happened. And it wasn't just that Lalee started freals walking.

Or that she found her girlfriend in the hall. Freals.

Or that I made up a word. Freals.

It's that my baby sister came to visit. Let me tell you a story.

When I was twelve years old, my mom surprised us with an announcement we didn't expect in a million years. We'd just moved into our home (the one she still lives in), and we each had our own room. It was designed to fit our family perfectly. But the announcement? There was another baby on the way. SURPRISE! We practically bounced off the walls with excitement. I remember the moment they called from the hospital to tell us if it was a boy or girl. We each got on a phone receiver - I was in the master bathroom, because what home built in the early 90s DIDN'T have a phone in the bathroom? - and my dad broke the news: it was a girl. AGAIN! I think secretly we were all relieved. Our sisterhood would've been so weird with a brother. And so little Danielle was our caboose. She was darling and tiny and the most spoiled thing you've ever met. I doted on her and packed her on my hip pretty much all day. I think my mom had to fight me for her own baby sometimes. To this day, I quite frequently call Annabelle, Danielle. Because, you see, Danielle was truly my "first baby."

Now she's grown up. She's in college. I'm an old mom. But my sisters and I, including the baby, are the best of friends. It's just that she and I are separated by a tiny decade. And as irony would have it, she's become a pseudo mom to my babies. They adore their Don Don. And after weeks of misfortune after misfortune, she was the most lovely breath of fresh air. We ate and shopped and played and zooed (new verb). I hate that she left.

I'm so happy to have her for my baby sister. And so very grateful my babies have her for their auntie.

Also, the new Rocky Shores at the zoo is pretty great. Freals.


TysonandMarthaGerber said...

Holy cow congrats on just surviving! Just the words "routine is off" is enough to make my skin crawl. Thanks for the update.

danielle said...

I hate that I had to leave too! Love you guys so much!

Riss said...

I love how Belle is unsure about that sea lion. And the pose with the mannequin is hilarious. :)


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