Monday, May 14, 2012

it's been said

{during General Conference, while I mindlessly
downloaded fonts and listened to the good word}
Belle: I wanna go somewhere,
Me: Not right now. We're watching Conference.
Belle: You're not watching Conference.
Me: Um. I'm listening?
I'm a good girl. Well, sometimes I'm naughty. I'm naughty when I want some-sing.
{at least you're honest}
Belle: Who gave us these eggs?
Me: Grandma Cheney.
Belle: Grandma Cheney?
Me: Yes, Grandma Cheney.
Belle: Uh...Jodi?
Me: Yes, Jodi gave them to us.
{to the tune of I Am Like A Star, while holding a square frame around her face}
I am like a square shining brightly!
Belle: What does Daddy speak?
Me: English and Japanese.
Belle: And what do you speak?
Me: English.
Belle: And what does (great) Gram speak?
Me: English.
Belle: And what does (cousin) Tymon speak?
Me: English.
Belle: {thinking} And what does Blacky (Tymon's dog) bark?
Me: Good question!
When are we going to Old Gravy?
I love you more than MOST!
{after I throw on a pair of ill matching pajamas pants}
That does not look great.
{when Jess and I walk into the room that she's playing in}
Hey guys! Join the family!
{a few hours after I attempt to explain the meaning of the word "navigating"}
Are you navi-gum-ating the car Mom?
I spy with my little eye, something in my hand that is red!
Belle: I spy with my little eye, the color pink that's on my baby's shirt!
Me: Is baby's shirt?
Belle: YES! YOU GOT IT! It's my baby's shirt!
{after watching Numbers Ahoy! during which the sharks lose their teeth}
When I was a shark, my teeth falled out. You know that?
{after searching for a toy}
I don't know exactly where it is...
{as Lydia crawled into the bathroom, which she was occupying at the moment}
Welcome to joining me in the bathroom!
{as we go up our three flights of stairs to our apartment, to me}
Hey! Are you holding on to the railing Missy?!
How does your life go?
{I think she meant, "How's life going?"}
{running out to our car}
Where's the freakin' car? Where's the freakin' car?!
{during a tantrum}
Me: Why are you crying Annabelle?
Belle: Because I'm FREAKING OUT!
I'm gonna go to the bathroom real fast Lou Lou, so don't freak out.
{while pushing her stroller past me and Lou Lou}
Sorry. I'm a wild load.
{as we finish up a hike}
Let's go home, have a bath, then painting my finger nails. How does that sound?
Rosie and Clare-Issa (dolls) are my best friends. They each are my best friends.
Peter and Neil (from White Collar) are my boys.
{while Lou slimes her with food}
Lou Lou! Gross! You must have to not do this!
{while we waited for Daddy to come back from a little trail during a hike}
Um, I'm hating Daddy going away.

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eclaires said...

I seriously LOVE these posts. Thank you for taking the time to remember and document these for Belle's future enjoyment and for mine, currently. :)


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