Sunday, May 13, 2012

full hands

And what, may I ask, could be better than spending my every day with these girls?

Lately, I've just been struck with the immense blessing it is to not only be a mother but to be a mother to these girls in particular. I have a sense that we knew one another before. Quite often, when logic and reason defy my options in parenting, something in my soul speaks to something in theirs. And things just click. When I stop listening to what "should" happen or what I "should" do and listen to my heart and what my girls are telling me, everything falls into place. And I think that's really something special. Tender mercies for certain.

I often have people stop me as I haul the girls around town running errands and say, "Boy, you've got your hands full!" And I always reply, "Ah, but it's the best kind of full, isn't it?" I know that someday they will grow up and leave me. I can't bear the thought right now, however, and I choose to simply enjoy these minutes and days that shuffle by us in a flurry. There will be sleep someday. For now there are babies. And I can't think of a better trade.

Being a mother is my most lovely dream come true. And I'm so grateful.

Happy Mother's Day all ya'll.
*Photos by dc photography.

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eclaires said...

Okay, I just love you, your words, your perspective, and your cute girls' smiles. Great pictures of all three of you.


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